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Men are from Adam, Women are from Eve





Dr Carol Tomlin is an Author, Educator and International speaker.


Dr Carol Tomlin was born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, but grew up in Leeds. She is an educator and ordained minister. She has several qualifications including a B Ed (Honours) degree, M Phil in Theology and PhD in Education and Sociolinguistics...


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Response to David Starkey appearance on BBC 2 Newsnight 12/08/2011


Dear Dr David Starkey,

Freedom of speech is one of the privileges of belonging to free democratic societies such as Great Britain. The merits of media censorship have been hotly debated throughout the world, and some would argue that censorship is tantamount ...

Oppositional  Culture Theory

Mocombe and Tomlin explore the black/white achievement gap in America and Great Britain, gaining understanding through black bourgeois living and the labelled pathologies of the black underclass. Within the class dualism of capitalist social relations, blacks throughout the Diaspora attempt to exist in the world...


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